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A Revolutionary Business Intelligence Tool for Australian and New Zealand businesses-POWER BI

When it comes to data, the faster you can turn into clustered raw on-premises files or cloud data into meaningful information, the faster you can understand and use it to make your business or organisation run better.

Power BI is a game-changer business intelligence analytic tool developed by Microsoft, it is a self-service BI tool and the preferred choice by AU and NZ mid and small businesses because it can quickly connect to data, prep the model and visualize as much or as little you like, then securely share insights even embedded it in-app or website.

Will Excel will become obsolete as the influence of POWER BI rise? Actually the new Excel version has built-in Power BI function. I think Excel is the perfect companion tool to complement POWER BI.

Excel+ POWER BI = Better Together, in fact, no business wants to learn boring Excel and even learn how POWER BI work, the business simply needs the data insight to help solve their real problems, whether its increase revenue, reduce unnecessary cost, increase productivity or create new business opportunities.

Power BI can pull outs data and create beautiful visualization and report directly from sources files without creating the database and It’s an excellent tool to utilize to help business and move into a data-driven culture. 

What does Power BI can do for businesses?

1.Connect to any data sources

Measuring what matters to business is all about capturing the correct data, whether its from social media, unstructured web data sources, to more conventional cloud and on-premises Excel source systems, even Internet of Things devices.

The transformation engine of Power BI Power Query can be used to prepare data quickly and easily.

2.Visualise Business Data

Extend connections and queries into custom reporting logic in Microsoft Power BI’s industry-leading modeling engine.

Data can be joined and prepared in an intuitive interface to develop raw data into actionable visual insights in mins by BI professionals.

Preparing and visualising data in this way reduces the dependencies on IT and external consultants to answer statistical and scientific questions about business performance.

3.Access from anywhere and anytime

View reports and dashboards on any device with a web browser or a Microsoft Power BI App/

Visualisations can be resized and redesigned specifically for smaller screens, such as phone or Apple Watch.

Embed Microsoft Power BI reports and dashboards in business applications, like Xero, MYOB, Microsoft Dynamics, and many more. Schedule data refreshes to a frequency that suits individual business and gets notifications each time the data is updated.

Most businesses start with Power BI desktop, when they get a hand of it, they can choose to upgrade to pro version and start collaborating freely, creating dashboards that deliver a 360 degree view of a business, control how business data is accessed and used, and packaged and deliver stunning new content to the end-users.

In nutshell, real data is messy, POWER BI connects to most of the data sources,  import data, combined the speed and strength of POWER BI.

It is an excellent tool for people in an industry or role where data plays a key role but you do not feel confident to handle it or existing and extensive Excel user but are constantly frustrated by the time and effort it takes to get it sorted. 

POWER BI streamline the BI analytic process and achieve the following objectives:

  • connects multiple sources of data
  • Clean, shape and transforms as needed
  • Refreshes with one-click or autorefresh
  • Self-documenting(this is GOLD)
  • Easy to edit/fix with a single button

Power BI is and will be the center of gravity of MS BI, it’s a smart business tool that solves real business problems, the best business decisions are those that are underpinned with data.

Successful businesses today are using their data to become more competitive, improve efficiencies, and increase profitability by leveraging BI tool like Power BI.

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