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Unveiling Huawei Harmony OS

The Huawei HarmoneyOS is here.

HarmoneyOS is a multi-device OS currently based on Linux.

It will be compatible with Android apps and designed to integrate with smart displays, wearables, smart speakers, VR gears, in-car systems and PCs. 

Huawei just announced its official HongxingOS in China and Harmoney OS worldwide on 9th of August, 2019.

Huawei has been working this OS for the last 10 years.

It imagined the future with the seamless ecosystem and now it’s here.

HarmoneyOS is microkernel-based, distributed OS for all scenarios, that mean deliver a smooth experience.

According to the CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, Richard Yu

“The Operating system will revolutionize Huawei’s ecosystem. As this OS works in the base of a shared application ecosystem and based on the micro Kernal architecture.”

Due to microkernel-based system, it can be adopted to different devices, that means it’s easy for developers to developer app and deploys to different devices.

HarmoneyOS is a lightweight, compact operating system with powerful functionality

It will be the first be used for smart devices like smart watches, smart screens, in-vehicle systems and smart speakers.

It is an entire eco-system and I believe it could be a big competitor for Google Fuchsia.

Through this implementation, Huawei aims to establish an integrated and shared eco-system across devices

It creates a secure and reliable runtime environment and deliver a holistic intelligence experience across every interaction with every device.

HarmoneyOS got four technical features:

Seamless experience across all devices

Smoothness and high performance

-Deterministic Latency Engine ensures a smooth interactive experience than Android even faster and smoother than Apple IOS. It allows reducing the response latency by about 20-25%.

Enhanced Security

Thanks to the Micro-kernel architecture, and it will implement many system and services as possible in the user mode and formal verification method

Unified Multi-device IDE: Huawei Ark Complier

Allow apps to be developed just once and deployed across multiple devices

It is the first static compiler that can perform on par with Android’s virtual machine, enabling developers to compile a broad range of advanced languages into machine code in a single and unified environment. This would greatly help with the productivity of developers.

When does HarmoneyOS will be released?

The first HongmengOS device will be the Honor Vision and it’s already released on August 10, expecting smart display and Honor has confirmed that it will run on Huawei’s new Honghu 818 chipset and include a pop-up camera.

The EMU 1.0 would first release in late this year in China and rumors Huawei Mate30 lite could be the first phone to equip with HarmoneyOS then roll over to rest of the world.

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