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Why Coding is Difficult…

For most people, write code would be hard.

I found it’s difficult myself even learned basic C++ language while I was in high school.

I even took Java paper in university.

Taking SQL language onboard this year is definitely has been an interesting journey.

There are a few roadblocks that make coding is difficult:

Ability to sit in a quiet space and huge amounts of focused time which is a rare commodity these days.

Coding has similar study patterns as studying a musical instrument.

For both, you have to be able to be in a room…

Practice, practice and keep practicing and VERY focused and usually for long periods of time

Not having a great mentor working in the soft industry to give you real-time feedback and guide you through the workflow in the commercial sense.

Because what you often study in a traditional school and what IT employers need are two rarely correlating lines.

Your time is limited, learn the things that matter to fulfill the need of marketplace first.

If would be highly beneficial if you happen to be good at math/statistics in order to code well

It requires a lot of patience.

Code breaks very easily and usually even very small error breaks it totally.

It’s like you are playing a song on keyboard, one missing note would break the whole piece of music.

Analytical thinking, the ability to break complex features or changes into very tiny and detailed bits.

Quickly spot bugs, realize what is happening and what went wrong is extremely important.

Commitment and persistence, not many people would view coding as cool as playing at band.

Playing a sport or other activities would perceive “cool”.

Not many people would willing to give up their socialized time.

Drinking or going out with friends on their free nights but to put the time to code.

It’s like learning a foreign language.

There are patterns and logic to the system.

it would be helpful if you have a basic level of English.

Certainty It’s going to be hard at the beginning…

You would not expect to produce an app only after a few weeks of intense code training.

People think there will some kind of “magic bullet” when it comes to coding and they will be disappointed.

While it is difficult, it is possible to make it easier if you develop a good habit and system to make it work for you.

Coding is like a reading a good book.

In order to fully appreciate the full context of the book.

It requires multiple reading and practice to take good note (comment).

When you read it the first time, you can only grasp small bits and pieces of the entire book(code).

Some pieces make sense to you right away.

While others will take few reads when you upgrade your context of the entire code to really “get it”.

It’s not going to make you a seasonal code pro if you just do few quizzes and watch online tutorial.

To become a valuable coder,

You need to have a code mentor, accountability group and involved in the commercial coding project to produce minimum viable product(MVP, often use in software development and start-up world).

it could be creating a website, app or any projects will actually apply the coding skills you just learned.

Not just mindlessly write code.

Also, understand why to write certain code is important

And how is that going to impact both front end developer and back end developer in the entire scope of the framework.

You can take some tiny actionable step to make the coding work for you.

2-minute role

You can start a few minutes daily for week 1 as a tiny goal

And make sure that you stick to it.

Then increase the coding time incrementally as the week and your comfort zone goes.

You will be surprised how quickly all those tiny pieces of code begin stacking up to your end goal.

This ensures you will stick to coding over time with incredibly tiny changes and daily.

You may ask how do I decide my tiny coding goal?

As long as it fixes that bug and actually gets closer to your final outcome-USABILITY.

To conclude, we just need to understand that we were not born and know how to speak and write languages, so does coding.

Once we overcome the initial struggles, then we all can do it regardless of your background.

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