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We grow and work on ourselves to enable to have a better life, better relationship, personal clarity and vision of future to have the freedom, wealth and fulfilment in life.

I am Michael Wang, an immigrant entrepreneur, A life-long learner, a High Ticket Closer.

I read every day and publish articles every week.

My goal is to help you grow with life clarity and financial confidence as an immigrant entrepreneur.

Personal growth is a life long mission that I strive for.

Who is this site for?

  • Immigrants want to have more income, time, freedom and life mastery
  • People who want to transit into Business Intelligence from another career
  • Moving to Australia and New Zealand with or without IT background

Everyone has their own reasons to grow:

  • Self-awareness on who you want to become
  • A sense of direction where you want to be
  • Deep work and efficient time management
  • Learn high-income skills to kill the rat race
  • Deal adversity with the right mindset and attitude
  • Spend more time with the people you care

This is a life design journey that equips you with actionable habits, evolving self-awareness and high-income skills to build up your financial confidence and be your own boss of destiny.

Start your growing journey by joining the supportive family here for free.

11 Facts about Wang

  1. I am a multipotentialite
  2. I am born and raised in the most Muslim dominated city, Lanzhou, China
  3. I moved to New Zealand when I was 15.
  4. I am a former dental technician and DJ
  5. I love teriyaki food
  6. I suck at cells and molecular biology
  7. I am not really convinced that the traditional education system work for everyone, alternative and online education is the future.
  8. I love visiting museums when I visit new countries
  9. I meditate and write physical journey daily
  10. I once took a solo train trip to Tibet
  11. I drink green tea

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