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Why have not we actually do the thing we want to do?

We live in a culture with a lot of expectations where parents treat kids as their properties and indicate who we are.

I have been lived in NZ for 17 years now and I realised many of my kiwi friends have to live up to their parent’s expectation just like many East Asian kids do.

Our parents are a human being too and they have their insecurity and lower self too, they like the kids to close the gaps between them and make up their dreams.

Look yourself in the mirror today when you get home and ask yourself if you are happy and fulfilled, you may say I am broke and stuck in a hopeless job, I do not know my passion and what I like to do in my life.

I think at least you know what activity would make you happy, you just do not believe it would work if you make it as a side hustle, you think people may judge you, you think it would be too silly, you know exactly what would you do if you are gonna do every minute of your life and you do not treat it like a job.

You may not allow even allow yourself to look yourself and ask yourself this question?

As I write this post I finally realised I will not care about the opinions of others, whether it’s my parents, my spouse or others, it’s not about delusional because I respect and love them deeply without taking their opinions and have an impact in my life.

I never think I am always right, this is about if you judge me, you do not have all the context, you do not know me, so why do I take your opinion over my own?

I was visiting my 92-year-old nanny last Sunday in Tauranga and we had a good lunch and had some wonderful time together.

We talked about life, work and family. The interesting thing is she did not talk about what she did but she did talk about a lot of things she did not do and wish she would.

She wishes she could be a better mum and grandma and not manipulate the family matter.

She wishes she could spend more time with family rather working on her business when she was the early 20s and other things

At the end of the conversation, she looked at my eyes and said:

“Michael, Do not wish. I have so many regrets in my life due to various reasons and excuses”

“Figure out who you want to become, serve others with integrity and hone your talents, spend quality time with people you care and love and do”

This conversation inspires me to take a leap of faith and join the job-ready programme at Industry Connect, learn inside out of business intelligence and involve commercial project through Industry Connect internship programme, ultimately I treat BI is a key high-income skill to have in the current and future economy.

The number one reason why we don’t take action is we do not know where we going and who we want to become. And in time, we will prove ourselves right because not taking a chance and try thing is the best way to ensure failure.

Take action with clarity and not worry about the opinion of others.

Do things that you know you should be doing. Nobody knows them better than you do.

I hope you can find insight from this, I’m still learning and growing and sometimes still have those lower self moment, I am much better at living up to my hopes and dreams.

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